Franko Antolovich had just spent 35 years in the Army, including 22 years in special operations. While the military honed his leadership skills, Franko also had extensive experience in the home repair and remodeling field. With these abilities, the idea for House Doctors started to coalesce into a real business prospect. As a homeowner himself, Franko felt dissatisfied with the available contractors in the area and wanted to provide a better option for his community. In 2016, Franko Antolovich and his wife Cheryl launched House Doctors and changed the local home repair industry forever.

Since its establishment, the House Doctors have sought to fill a very specific void in the community. We know that it’s usually the small home repairs that prove to be the most tedious. Maybe you have a creaky floor, or a leaking faucet, or perhaps your deck is not as large as you want. These small issues, left unattended long enough, can turn into major annoyances. Our mission is to address these relatively small problems so you can thoroughly enjoy your home once again. Over the years we have built a team of dedicated professionals with the experience required for quality home repairs. Whether it be a light remodel or modification, repairs in the kitchen and bathroom, painting, or exterior repairs, at House Doctors we will get the job done.

In the years since our team has come together, House Doctors has received accolades in the industry for our integrity and exemplary customer service. Our clients have learned that when they entrust us with a job, it’ll be done right or their money back.