Having an organized closet is exactly what you want. When you need to store clothes and shoes, don’t just throw them in the corner. Instead, opt for a custom closet system that meets your storage needs. From shelving and clothing racks to drawers and cabinets, there are many options you can choose from to organize your closet space. Learn more in our blog!

Double Your Storage Space

Are clothes piling up on your closet floor? Find your organizational flow with a wall-mounted system. This closet plan is perfect for spaces with deep corners, tall ceilings, and unusual shapes. You can optimize your closet to its full storage potential. Hang up clothes while storing your shoes in a place you can easily reach. Ideal for those with a larger wardrobe!

Build In Hidden Features

Install hidden baskets or hampers to hide away dirty laundry. With a custom design plan, you have the choice to add more storage options, including shelving, drawers, and even a foldout ironing board if needed. All of these features are simple to install, so if you need more storage or have a different idea of what you want, don’t stress!

Add Lasting Value

Who doesn’t want a walk-in closet? An open closet concept is appealing and adds value if you ever plan to sell. Furthermore, you can better visualize your options, have a place for everything, and stay organized much more easily. There’s no reason for you not have a closet that’s functional and beautiful!


Let House Doctors Handyman of Hardin County install the custom closet system of your dreams! With our organizational experience with shelving, clothing racks, and more, we can create a custom closet for your space and lifestyle. Contact us to get started on your new closet today!