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How to Protect Your Home During Fire Season

Fire season generally occurs during the warm, dry months of summer. During this time it becomes increasingly important for property owners to take steps to ‘harden’ their properties, or otherwise brace them for potential exposure to fire. Continue along below as we discuss many ways in which you can harden your home and better protect it from being damaged in a fire.

  • Roof

Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your home when it comes to fire. It’s important to understand that not all roofing materials are created equal and the most fire resistant types of roofs include those made of metal, tiles, or composition shingles.

  • Vents

A simple way to critically protect your home from fire damage is to cover all of the interior and exterior vents with noncombustible and corrosion resistant screens. By properly screening your home’s vents not only will you be protecting it from dangerous embers, but pests too!

  • Siding

Ensuring the siding on your home is fire resistant is crucial for keeping fire at bay. Stucco, metal, and cement are all protective, fire resistant, and attractive siding materials that might be perfect for your home.

  • Fences

Consider replacing your wooden fence with non-combustible materials. Also, separate wood fences from your home with a 3′-5′ section of metal fence where they attach to the house.

  • Windows

Windows provide a great opportunity to stop flames in their tracks. Ensure that your home is equipped with dual paned windows, with one pane being made of tempered glass.

  • Decks

While replacing your wood deck with noncombustible materials may not be practical, there are still ways you can make your outside space more resistant to fire. The easiest way is to regularly clear out organic and combustible debris from underneath your deck.

Final Thoughts

As fires continue to destroy billions of dollars worth of property annually, it’s never been more important to proactively protect and prepare your home and family from fire. The House Doctors Handyman of Hardin County can help prepare your home this fire season by updating your roof, siding, fences, deck and more!

3 Reasons to Install a Deck

Beautiful deck in a backyard

Have you considered installing a deck for your backyard? With cozy outdoor furniture and a heavy-duty grill, you can make your deck into a relaxing hangout area for friends and family. A new deck can bring together your favorite people outside, while adding value to your home too. The many benefits of a deck are explored in this blog, so continue reading!

Property Value

One way to increase your home’s property value is with a deck installation. Relatively inexpensive compared to other home additions, decks are a feature that buyers are looking for when house hunting.  A deck will increase your home’s value more than adding a living room or an extra bathroom according to some experts.

More Room

Installing a deck provides more room for outdoor entertainment, especially for larger gatherings. If the square footage in your home is not enough to host big parties, this new feature is perfect for spreading out guests and giving them options to be seated indoors or outdoors. Consider adding lighting and furniture to make your deck into a comfortable and stylish space.

Quick Construction

In as little as a few weeks, you could have a whole new addition to your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a reputable contractor, as they will have the expertise to install it quickly. A couple of months is the standard amount of time to build and install a deck, which is a considerable difference than a DIY installation would take.


When you are ready to install a deck, call on the experts at House Doctors Handyman of Hardin County. We will work with you to come up with a design that conforms to your home’s aesthetic. For more information about deck installation and repair services, visit our website here.

Basic Deck Maintenance Tips

Are you wondering how to maintain your deck? As a homeowner, decks are an important part of your home’s property; it can act as a place to sit back and enjoy the weather during a warm summer day. Decks are also great for hosting events and outdoor occasions, where friends and family can get a lovely view of the backyard. However, after using your deck, the paint may begin to chip and dirt can start to look more noticeable. When you see these signs, it’s time to start cleaning!

Prep the Deck

Prepping your deck can be as simple as sweeping away dirt and debris that have covered the area. Before you sweep, we recommend removing furniture, pots and plants, and other materials that are occupying your deck. Once you remove the items, begin sweeping the entire area. Keep an eye out for any loose nails or boards that may need repair!

Cleaning the Deck

When it comes to cleaning your deck, there are some different ways you can approach this task. We suggest power-washing your deck for the best clean. Power-washing can remove debris between the boards for a more thorough cleaning. There are safe solutions that you can insert into the power-washing machine, which can eliminate discoloration and stains in the wood. We suggest that you set your power-washer on a low-setting, as to not ruin the integrity of your deck.

Staining the Deck

Once your deck has been fully cleaned and dried, you can begin the staining process. The first step is to apply a primer. The primer allows for the stain to soak into the wood for a better finish. Next, when choosing your stain, we recommend a clear or light colored stain to keep the natural beauty of your wooden deck. You also should consider stains with these characteristics:

  • Water repellent or waterproof
  • UV protection
  • Mildewcide for wood preservation

Seal the Deck

The last step of the deck maintenance process is to seal your deck. The sealant can be brushed or rolled on, which provides full coverage over the area. Oil-based sealants are superior when it comes to sealants, as they can soak into the wood and protect the stain that you’ve applied. Sealing your deck can also protect your wood against the sun and prevent damage from the elements.


Basic maintenance to your deck can help it last longer and stay beautiful for years to come. Even though the steps we mentioned are an essential part of your deck’s upkeep, you may not have the time or experience to get the results you want. Put your trust in a professional for cleaning, staining, and sealing for the best results.

If you have more tips or tricks, we’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below!