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Home Improvements: Garage Edition

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When you’re making a list of home improvements, make sure to include your garage. Although it’s a part of the house that’s not shown as much as the kitchen or dining room, the garage is still an essential space. It can be used as extra storage for cars, boats, tools, power equipment, sporting goods, and more. If you’re someone who utilizes the garage, there are many ways to upgrade it so it can benefit your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more!

Install a Cabinet System

If you’re looking for ways to stay organized, a cabinet system is a good place to start. Cabinets can be installed in your garage to give you maximum storage. There are options like fitted cabinets that stay upright against the wall and can hold heavy items. On the other hand, you can choose free standing cabinets, which are able to be moved around to fit your needs. Either way, a cabinet system can provide you with storage and organization!

Refurbish the Flooring

Don’t forget about your garage flooring! The appearance of your flooring matters, so it’s best to explore your flooring alternatives before finishing up your garage improvement project. For concrete flooring, homeowners have the option to choose epoxy paint, concrete stains, concrete sealers, and more. Depending on what you want (including the price range you want to stay in), a refurbished floor can surely enhance your garage.

Replace the Garage Door

When guests arrive to your home, the garage door is one of the first things they see. Ensure your garage door corresponds to the design of your home. There are affordable garage doors replacements on the market, but if you’re satisfied with your door and just need a simple upgrade such as new paint, then call your local handyman. The transformation of your garage door can bring together the whole house!


If you’re searching for a handyman to help with your home improvement plans, call on House Doctors Handyman of Hardin County. We have many years of experience with garage remodels and repairs, so you can trust us to complete the job. Contact our team at (502) 791-9555 to request a quote!

The Benefits of Home Improvement Projects

It is common for small house projects to drive us crazy. Whether it is the time it takes, or the amount of money you have to invest, there can be many factors that interfere with you actually completing a home project successfully. Whatever these factors may be, we promise you that completing the project can bring more good than bad! Read along as we discuss the benefits of home improvement projects.


A well-maintained home is a comfortable home. We all seek comfort in our home and problems such as a cracked window or an outdated kitchen can alter that feeling. By tackling those issues and enlisting the help of professionals, you can enjoy the new updates made that bring back that sense of safety while enjoying it to your benefit!

Curb Appeal

While comfort is a major part of a home, it is also important to view your house as a long-term investment. Investing into the improvement of your home can significantly increase its curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home. Whether you extend your deck, or expand a room, these projects have many benefits to them.

Cost Efficiency

It is common for home repairs to rise, but if not take care of in a timely manner, can lead to more costly repairs. By making improvements sooner rather than later, you are being efficient with your costs, which saves you from bigger expenses in the future.

Take the First Step

Start your home improvement projects by giving your trusted, local handymen a call. At House Doctors, our professional and highly skilled team is here to help. They specialize in a wide variety of projects and will deliver the results you seek. Learn more about our services and us by siting our website.

3 Reasons to Install a Deck

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Have you considered installing a deck for your backyard? With cozy outdoor furniture and a heavy-duty grill, you can make your deck into a relaxing hangout area for friends and family. A new deck can bring together your favorite people outside, while adding value to your home too. The many benefits of a deck are explored in this blog, so continue reading!

Property Value

One way to increase your home’s property value is with a deck installation. Relatively inexpensive compared to other home additions, decks are a feature that buyers are looking for when house hunting.  A deck will increase your home’s value more than adding a living room or an extra bathroom according to some experts.

More Room

Installing a deck provides more room for outdoor entertainment, especially for larger gatherings. If the square footage in your home is not enough to host big parties, this new feature is perfect for spreading out guests and giving them options to be seated indoors or outdoors. Consider adding lighting and furniture to make your deck into a comfortable and stylish space.

Quick Construction

In as little as a few weeks, you could have a whole new addition to your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a reputable contractor, as they will have the expertise to install it quickly. A couple of months is the standard amount of time to build and install a deck, which is a considerable difference than a DIY installation would take.


When you are ready to install a deck, call on the experts at House Doctors Handyman of Hardin County. We will work with you to come up with a design that conforms to your home’s aesthetic. For more information about deck installation and repair services, visit our website here.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Spring

Remodeling your bathroom is definitely a worthwhile home improvement project, even if it’s just a simple change. From upgrading your toilet to replacing an old bathtub, there are so many ways you can update your bathroom and have it feeling refreshed for the spring season ahead. In this blog, we list some of the remodeling ideas that you can use for your bathroom!

Timeless Trends

Have you always wanted to replace your bathtub with a walk-in shower? Well now’s the time to do so. A shower can open up the space in your bathroom, giving you the opportunity to add more storage like a basket or cabinet. Walk-in showers are also a chance for you to express your creativity in the design department, like having beautiful tile or granite installed. Likewise, replacing the toilet and moving it to a different location in the bathroom may be appealing if you want to completely redesign the space. This can change the entire bathroom environment, making it feel more spacious. Lastly, you may want to consider replacing or even moving your mirrors. Setting them in a place where natural light can reflect off is a great way to brighten the room. Of course, changing the lightbulbs in your bathroom can help too, but new mirrors can truly complete your remodeling project.


If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom just in time for spring, it’s best to get a head start. We recommend calling our team of expert handymen for all of your professional remodeling services. We have the expertise and resources to complete the job in a timely manner, while also providing quality work. For more information on our services, call or visit our website today!