Do you have a list of home improvements projects that you want to complete? Make sure to have molding and trimming written down. There is versatility to molding, as Lumber Experts explains, “you can incorporate it into almost any room design, and it can be applied to much more than just the edge between your wall and ceiling.” Learn more about the benefits of trim and molding for your home by reading our blog!

Places to Mold

Molding gives any room a completed appearance, even if the room empty. The contrast from the molding alongside new flooring or a freshly painted wall can bring together the look of the house. Although molding is commonly found on walls and ceilings, there are other places this application can be placed. Here are some ways molding and trim is used:

  • Baseboard: The meeting point of your wall and floor needs some type of protection, which molding can give. Not only does molding provide a safety barrier, it adds aesthetic too. There are different designs that can be custom fitted to each corner of your home.
  • Chair rail molding: This molding is found where the height of a chair armrest lies. Meant to protect against scrapes and scuff marks, chair molding can also be an attractive part of the room. It can separate wallpaper and paint transitions for a striking impression.
  • Casing: Windows and doors are another area where casing can make a wonderful addition. It can fill in the empty spaces between windows, doors, and other entrances that may have gaps.
  • Cove Molding: You might have heard of cove molding referred to simply as “coving.” This subtle interior trim is another option for crown molding, with a concave design and lower-profile style.


Give the rooms in your home a finished look with mold and trimming. The professionals at House Doctors Handyman of Hardin County can complete your molding with our quality workmanship and attention to detail. Call to inquire about pricing and other services for your home, or visit our website here.